Types Of Hands

The palm is composed of up of small bones. There are nearly 14 bones joined together which give shape to the palm. In the front part of these bones there are three more pieces of bones composing each finger and 2 more composing each thumb. The upper ends of the bones are protected with nails.

From the wrist up to the end of the finger of Saturn is termed as "Hand". According to the science of Palmistry there are different types of hands. They are:

Very Small hand- Persons of this kind of hand are narrow minded and suspicious by nature. They quarrel for small gains. They give first priority for their selfish aims. They talk ill of others. They do not contribute anything for the society.

Small Hand- In a way such people can be called as lazy ones. Though these people have high aims, they do not attain their plans due to their idleness. They like false talks and an exaggerated atmosphere around them. They create an illusory image around them. They have sharp brains but they do not fully utilize them that they repent later in life. Such people though able and competent do not fully succeed in their lives.

Ordinary hand- Such persons are full of practical wisdom. They know how to behave with others. They deal with others in a very practical manner. They get their due respect from the society. They constantly face struggles in their lives but achieve success in ther lives facing them. Their health remains good. They have the greatest capacity of moulding them according to the conditions prevalent around them.

Long Hand- Such persons are generally useful to the society. They are neither happy nor full of anxiety. They are practical in their delaings and are clever and promising. They quickly get to the bottom of any problem. These people are fully useful to the society.

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