Shri Parashuram Jayanti

Shrī Parshuram is sixth reincarnation of Shrīvishnu. His legends are found in the Holy texts, Rāmāyan, Mahābhārat and some Purāns.
Shri Parashuram's mother was Renuka and father was Rushi Jamadagni. He was born in Bhrugu dynasty. Shri Parashuram was born in the nineteenth Trētāyug (in the transition period between Treta and Dwāpar yug according to Mahabharat). Shri Parashuram was born in a dynasty which was predominant in Divine radiance (Brahmatēj) and kindled with the radiance of the fighting spirit (Kshātratēj).
His physical appearance can be described as having a mammoth physique, matted hair on the head, bow on the shoulder and holding an Axe (Parashū) in the hand.
Shri Parashuram left home to do devout austerities (tapascharyā) to please Deity Shiva. Considering his extreme devotion, intense desire and unmoved and perpetual meditation (dhyān), Deity Shiva was pleased with Shri Parashuram. He presented Shri Parashuram with Divine weapons. Included was His unconquerable and indestructible axe shaped weapon, Parashu. Deity Shiva advised him to go and liberate the Mother Earth from felons, ill-behaved people, extremists, demons and those blind with sexual passion and pride.
Once, Deity Shiva challenged Shri Parashuram to a battle to test his skills in warfare. The spiritual master (Gurudēv) Deity Shiva and the disciple Shri Parashuram were locked in a fierce battle. This dreadful duel lasted for twenty one days. While ducking to avoid being hit by the Trident (Trishūl) of Deity Shiva, Shri Parashuram vigorously attacked Him with his Parashu. It struck Deity Shiva on the forehead creating a wound. Deity Shiva was very pleased to see the amazing warfare skills of His disciple. He passionately embraced Shri Parashuram. Deity Shiva preserved this wound as an ornament so that the reputation of His disciple remained imperishable and insurmountable. 'Khanda-parshu' (wounded by Parashu) is one of the thousand names (for the salutation) of Deity Shiva.

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