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Jaipur Jyotish is the leading provider of astrological services on the Web.

Success Stories

Success story of peoples, who used the services of Jaipur Jyotish.

Success Story of Jim C.
Success Story of Jim C.

“I am very pleased and surprised at the things you seem to know about me that I have never discussed with anyone else and many I have somehow known but did not want to admit. I have had a tendency to pull away from the people who love me and care about me and so many times in my life have later regretted. I find your reading and advice helpful and I am going to do my best to do the things you suggest. In fact I am scheduled to go to China in about 3 weeks to meet a lady that I plan to marry and am very excited about the adventure. I will try to use your advice to not make a mess of this relationship as I have in the others in my life.” 

 Jim C., Aries

Success Story of Jane P.
Success Story of Jane P.

“Astrologer Arun Sharma prepared an astrological compatibility chart for my spouse and I as a wedding gift. He was able to pinpoint where our two personalities might encounter conflict, as well as highlighting where we were most compatible. This enabled us to put our emphasis on the positive while being prepared for difficulties that were sure to arise in certain areas. I’ve been somewhat skeptical of this science, but Acharya Ji insights were so accurate, I have become a believer.” 

Jane P. – New Mexico